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What is a Google Verified Business?

Google Verified Business is a part of Google Business Profile.

When a business registers with Google, it undergoes a process, and if any flags are tripped, the listing may be suspended.

These businesses often need help finding themselves verified despite being locally established for years or even brand new.

This coveted blue check is what business owners covet as it will allow them to have their business placed on Google Maps immediately, making it easy for them to be found by local customers.

How to Tell if a Business Is Google Verified?

Those who start the Google verification process will submit all relevant information and will often be told that their verification is being processed and “should take a few moments.”

Often, it depends on when the verification process starts, shortening or lengthening this process time. However, many business owners have seen a red caution sign indicating that the listing is suspended and, therefore, is not listed on Google Maps.

Google Verified Business Benefits

When a business is verified and live on Google, companies can interact with customers regarding messaging, collecting and responding to reviews, and optimizing their profile for maximum exposure on Google Maps.


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